Annual Convention: Civility and Professional Ethics Workshop

Annual Convention: Civility and Professional Ethics Workshop
February 18, 2021 | Hilton Head Marriott, Hilton Head Island

Attendance may require a room reservation for Wednesday night.

School board members are the face of their schools. The mantle of responsibility they carry is heavy. Every word, every action is subject to public review. More than any other elected body, school boards conduct their business in a diverse public setting that includes students, parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, clergy, media and business leaders. And they must lead as one member of a collective board with an equal voice in decisions affecting the most precious resource of our society-our children.

To lead effectively, board members must have multiple tools in their toolkit. Important tools like, effective communication and decision-making must be carried out with civility and a keen eye to the ethical imperatives of leadership. Attend this session to add some tools to your toolkit. Through discussion, activities, structured reflection and video, engage with fellow board members in this important discussion of professional ethics and civility designed specifically for the challenges faced by school boards.