Policy Manual Services

By the book: getting your policies in order

A school district’s policy manual is an essential element to promote good governance, compliance with state and federal law, and effective overall leadership. It helps to ensure that the board and administration act according to appropriate, agreed-upon guidelines. Over time, these policies can become out-of-date due to changing laws, evolving educational goals and other factors. To make sure policies are legally compliant and serve to further the district’s vision, SCSBA will assist the district in revising the policy manual to accurately reflect current state and federal laws, court decisions and “hot topic” issues.

There are two main components of a district’s policy manual: policies and administrative rules.

  • Policies are the voice of the board and the law of the district. They give direction and structure to support the district’s long-range vision and goals and serve as tools to turn these visions and goals into reality.
  • Administrative rules are procedures established to address all aspects of district operations. They include practices, courses of action and details to be used in the implementation of policy established by the board.

Together, policies and administrative rules assure district compliance with state and federal laws and court decisions, and SCSBA is here to help.


  • SCSBA will conduct a complete audit of the policy manual using our governance model policies and recommending that the board add, revise or consolidate policies based on the needs of each district. This review will focus on federal, state and local laws and regulations that have been enacted since the district’s last major revision, as well as any new language or model policies SCSBA may recommend.

    For the districts not on the NSBA-developed codification system, SCSBA will recode the policy manual using process described above. This coding system was developed to encourage consistency among districts policy and minimize the confusion of having districts under multiple systems.

  • A district may find that certain sections require more frequent revision than others in order to suit the district’s specific policy needs. SCSBA offers a section-by-section revision contract to assist with the revision of those individual sections.

For additional information, contact Dr. Tiffany N. Richardson.