Civility. Respect. Solutions.

Establishing positive behavioral beliefs and practices has been at the foundation of school board policy for many years. Board members and those they are responsible for serving, derive benefit from established constructs of positive behavior. With the toll the pandemic has taken on civil discourse, particularly in board rooms across the nation, three state associations thought the time was right for their memberships to reconsider how civil behavior can be promoted.

The South Carolina School Boards Association (SCSBA), the Municipal Association of South Carolina (MASC) and the South Carolina Association of Counties (SCAC) have partnered to help local leaders be the example of how to govern best and to emphasize the basics of effective local governing, such as

  • Running effective meetings: We provide training on how to conduct effective school board meetings.
  • Communicating thoughtfully: Being open, honest, and transparent – making sure everyone has access to the same universe of facts – is essential for people from different backgrounds and with different varying viewpoints to work together toward real solutions.
  • Building relationships: Cultivating trusting relationships with others involved in an issue takes time, but the effort is worth it, and will pay off in the future.

We plan to be more intentional about infusing the principles of civility into our every endeavor in the face of the current crisis and look forward to realizing marked progress as we do so.

Scott Price
Executive Director
South Carolina School Boards Association

For more information, please contact Angela Crosland.