School Board Facts

School boards in South Carolina vary greatly. The smallest ones have five members, while the largest ones – Greenville and Horry – have the most with 12 members. Five, seven and nine members reflect the most prevalent patterns for district school boards in South Carolina. Exceptions include Beaufort with 11 board members, Spartanburg Two with 10 members and Darlington with eight members. Of the remaining districts 33 have seven members, 26 have nine members and 15 have five members.

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Board members are elected in 75 of the 77 districts. Four districts have members appointed by a county board or legislative delegation. Sixty-five elections take place in November. Special elections and appointments occur in other months in the remaining districts.


Only three boards have all members appointed by either a county board or their legislative delegation: Clarendon Two, Dillon Three (Latta) and Dillon Four. Clarendon One has four appointed and five elected members.

Partisan/non-partisan elections

Most school board members are elected in non-partisan elections, some are appointed and some run in partisan elections. In two districts, candidates run in partisan elections – Horry and Lee Counties.

In two counties, Horry and Marlboro, the public elects the board chairman.