Superintendent Searches

Superintendent search

SCSBA staff work with a board on all phases of a superintendent search. Services may include advertising a superintendent position regionally or nationally, receiving applications, conducting reference checks, arranging on-site visits, leading community meetings or focus groups and working with the local media. SCSBA can also assemble a three-person panel to objectively review applications on the board’s behalf. SCSBA handles the logistics of the search but does not make employment recommendations or hire the superintendent. The local board maintains control of the process at every stage.

For more information, contact  Judy LeGrand, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director and Superintendent Search Coordinator, or download the brochure here.

Anderson Four Board of Trustees announces superintendent search

The Board of Trustees of the Anderson School District 4 seeks a superintendent of schools. All candidates should be able to demonstrate a proven record of exceptional leadership with the following additional qualifications.

  • A leader with a vision of educational excellence who will work cooperatively with the Board of Trustees to build relationships with students, staff, parents, and the community to achieve academic excellence for all students.
  • A leader who can analyze current situations, initiate appropriate action, inform the Board of Trustees when advisable, and who will provide leadership in the development of short-and long-term goals for the district.
  • A visible, accessible, approachable leader who is committed to building mutual respect and trust and serving as a model and mentor among staff.
  • An articulate communicator with strong interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work creatively, effectively, and visibly with board members, staff, students, parents and the community.
  • A person who understands the complexities of school finance, can interpret educational and financial data, and who will maximize the use of resources in support of the educational programs of the district.
  • An administrator with a thorough knowledge of and successful experience in school district management, including information technology, staff development, program assessment, accountability measures and school improvement.

Candidates are requested to submit all application materials electronically to by July 15, 2020.