School Board Recognition

Honor the nearly 600 school board members in Jan. 2024 during South Carolina School Board Recognition Month. The theme — In It To Win It — serves as a much-needed reminder to school board members of their responsibility to continue to fight with all their might on behalf of those they represent and as an acknowledgment of the exhaustive work they’ve already done. Districts are encouraged not to wait until the battle is over; celebrate now.

As the elected/appointed representatives of the people, school board members embody the voice and vision for public schools in their local communities. Their constituents, including parents, teachers, students and administrators – particularly as public schools continue to deal with the challenges of the past few years – are asked to help salute school board members throughout the state. Choose from a menu of ideas and tools including sample letters to the editor, public service announcements and more.

For more information, please contact Angela Crosland.

A proclamation

Governor Henry McMaster has proclaimed January 2024 School Board Recognition Month. To download his proclamation in PDF file format, please click here, or click the image at left.