Superintendent search

SCSBA staff work with a board on all phases of a superintendent search. Services may include advertising a superintendent position regionally or nationally, receiving applications, conducting reference checks, arranging on-site visits, leading community meetings or focus groups and working with the local media. SCSBA can also assemble a three-person panel to objectively review applications on the board’s behalf. SCSBA handles the logistics of the search but does not make employment recommendations or hire the superintendent. The local board maintains control of the process at every stage.

Superintendent evaluations

SCSBA staff work with the board and superintendent to develop both a process and an instrument for the superintendent’s annual evaluation. The process emphasizes the establishment of objectives for the superintendent developed together by the superintendent and the board.

For more information, contact Dr. Paul Krohne, Executive Director.

Williston 29 School District

Williston 29 School District has retained the South Carolina School Boards Association to assist in its search for a new superintendent. The Board of Trustees of the Williston 29 School District invites applications and nominations for the position. The deadline to apply is November 20, 2014. The anticipated date of hire is March 1, 2015.