Board Candidates

To run for a school board, a candidate must be a registered voter in the area to be represented. SCSBA provides information for individuals considering running for their local school board.

The filing dates for school board seats vary from county to county. In some districts, candidates must also file by petition. For more information, contact your county election commission.

Board members are elected in 78 of the 81 districts. Seven districts have members appointed by a County Board. Sixty-four elections take place in November. Special elections and appointments occur in other months in the remaining districts. Thirty-nine districts choose board members from single-member districts, 30 retain at-large representation and 16 districts use a combination.

For more information, contact Debbie Elmore, 1.800.326.3679.

Get on board!

Download SCSBA’s new guide to school board member roles and responsibilities here.

  • As a member of my district’s school board I pledge my efforts to improve public education in my community and will solemnly try to:

    • represent the interests of the entire district when making decisions and to rely on available facts and on my judgment rather than on individuals or special interest groups;
    • understand the proper role of the board to set policies governing the district and to hire the chief administrative officer to carry out these policies;
    • encourage an open exchange of ideas by all board members during the decision-making process;
    • seek regular communications between the board and students, staff and all segments of the community;
    • attend all board meetings, to study issues facing the board and to enact policies and official actions only after full discussion at such meetings;
    • work with other board members in a conscientious and courteous manner befitting the public trust placed in the position of school board trustee;
    • communicate concerns and public reaction to board policies and school programs to the superintendent and other board members in a professional manner;
    • support employment of the persons best qualified for staff positions and to ensure a regular and impartial evaluation of all staff;
    • avoid conflicts of interest and to refrain from using my board positions for personal or partisan gain;
    • encourage recognition of the achievements of students and staff and of the involvement of community residents;
    • support legislation and funding which will improve the educational opportunities and environment for students and staff;
    • take no individual action which would compromise the integrity of the board or administration and to respect the confidentiality of information that is privileged under the Freedom of Information Act;
    • study current educational issues and to participate in training programs such as those offered through the South Carolina School Boards Association and the National School Boards Association; and
    • make my district’s educational setting the best possible to encourage all students to achieve and to love learning.

    Download in printable PDF file format by clicking here.

  • “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I am duly qualified,
    according to the Constitution of this State, to exercise
    the duties of the office to which I have been
    elected (or appointed) and that I will, to the best
    of my ability, discharge the duties thereof and
    preserve, protect and defend the Constitution
    of this State and of the United States, so help me God.”
    (S.C. Constitution, Art. III, Sect. 26)