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Census 2020 — Everybody counts

Once every decade, the United States conducts a census to count the country’s population. Each year, the Federal Government distributes approximately $675 billion (yes, billion) to the states. South Carolina averages $7.1 billion in direct Federal aid to the State budget. That’s approximately $1,468 per person. The census directly impacts federal funding for schools and communities in South Carolina, including funding for special education, teacher training, school meals assistance, technology and after-school programs. Traditionally, children are among the most undercounted on the census. According to the Count All Kids Campaign, more than two million young children nationally were missed in the 2010 Census. If we undercount children in the 2020 Census, South Carolina could miss out on funding for the programs our students depend on.

Click here to download a handout with tips for school board members and school districts as you work together to ensure that your community’s residents are counted accurately.

Anderson Four Board of Trustees announces superintendent search

The Board of Trustees of the Anderson School District 4 seeks a superintendent of schools. All candidates should be able to demonstrate a proven record of exceptional leadership with the following additional qualifications.

  • A leader with a vision of educational excellence who will work cooperatively with the Board of Trustees to build relationships with students, staff, parents, and the community to achieve academic excellence for all students.
  • A leader who can analyze current situations, initiate appropriate action, inform the Board of Trustees when advisable, and who will provide leadership in the development of short-and long-term goals for the district.
  • A visible, accessible, approachable leader who is committed to building mutual respect and trust and serving as a model and mentor among staff.
  • An articulate communicator with strong interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to work creatively, effectively, and visibly with board members, staff, students, parents and the community.
  • A person who understands the complexities of school finance, can interpret educational and financial data, and who will maximize the use of resources in support of the educational programs of the district.
  • An administrator with a thorough knowledge of and successful experience in school district management, including information technology, staff development, program assessment, accountability measures and school improvement.

Candidates are requested to submit all application materials electronically to by July 15, 2020.

View April 22 SCSBA Legislative Update webinar here.

Advocacy resources

New! Introducing the SCSBA Sharing Hub

The SCSBA Sharing Hub is a place for board members to share successful programs, initiatives and ideas. Click here to join the SCSBA Sharing Hub Facebook group. Once you “join the group,” you will be able to make posts, attach files and share photographs and videos that will help others understand the great programs happening in your district. The sharing hub is an idea that was developed by SCSBA President Wesley Hightower and SCSBA staff as a place for board members to collaborate, with the goal of expanding opportunities for all students. School Board members, school districts staff, Associates and Affiliates are encouraged to join.