Policy and Legal Services


SCSBA is your one-stop, trusted source for policy development and maintenance support to promote effective board governance and local policy leadership.

Ways we can help:

  • Legal support – SCSBA’s staff attorney will respond to routine legal questions and offer consultation in a variety of situations.
  • Policy and legal updates – Whether you need a sample board policy, information and analysis on key education issues or help to update your district policies, SCSBA’s policy and legal team is ready to assist.
  • Policy manual audit and customization – With the passage of new laws each year, district policies can quickly become out-of-date. To ensure legal compliance, SCSBA can help make sure your district’s policies accurately reflect current state and federal laws.
  • Paperless board meetings – Start managing your board meetings electronically and reduce staff time, printing and delivery costs. Online meetings help to improve collaboration with members of the board and provide access to information.
  • Policies online – Cut staff time commitments and costs associated with printing and disseminating updated policies by posting your new and updated policy manual online through SCSBA.
  • Policy development workshops – Let SCSBA guide your board through the process of developing and updating policies that address key issues and comply with state and federal laws through customized, on-site workshops.
  • The National School Attorneys Association (NSAA) – As a member of NSAA – whether you are in private practice, an in-house staff attorney, or a member of a state agency – you will gain access to resources tailored to support the work of attorneys practicing in the field of education law.

For additional information, contact Rasheeda Cleveland.